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Cosmetology Exam Review

Cosmetology exam review is a vital step in becoming licensed. The practical portion of the test consists of a series of timed tasks. The length of the test varies from state to state; check your Candidate Information Bulletin for specifics.

For example, New York requires you to know the laws and rules governing cosmetology. Filmbook’s State Board app includes New York-specific questions in its practice quizzes. You can try out the free preview version with 100 questions, or subscribe for $4.99/month to unlock all content.

Free Cosmetology Practice Tests

The national Cosmetology written exam is not easy, and you have to score well on both sections to pass. That’s why having a good study plan and taking practice tests are so important to success on this test.

The written portion of the Cosmetology state board exam covers many topics including infection control and federal regulations, first aid, trichology concepts (hair analysis and quality), and more. You will also have to know scientific concepts such as anatomy and physiology.

Mometrix’s Cosmetology Practice Tests are designed to mimic the national Cosmetology written exam as much as possible and offer the option to take the test in training or testing mode. In addition to providing you with a variety of questions, our practice tests also provide detailed answer explanations so that you can learn from your mistakes. This helps you avoid making the same mistakes on your test day. You can also use our practice tests in combination with other learning tools like our online flashcards and question of the day to build a comprehensive study guide for your Cosmetology state board exam.

Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools

The Cosmetology exam is a challenging test for many students, but with the right study materials and a solid plan of action, you can prepare to excel. Whether you’re taking the Upper Level ISEE Math portion or the written section of the Cosmetology exam, you can improve your score by using these free exam review tools from Varsity Tutors.

The free exam review tools from Varsity Educators can help you stay organized while reviewing for your cosmetology exam or any other subject or test. With tools like flashcards, practice tests, and Question of the Day, you can customize a cosmetology study plan that fits your needs and learning style.

If you’re preparing for the Omaha Praxis exam, Varsity Tutors can connect you with an online tutor who can provide expert instruction. The company’s online teaching platform provides one-on-one sessions with a private tutor in an interactive classroom. It also has a Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can try out a tutor and get your money back if you’re unsatisfied.

Exam Preparation Tips

When you are taking the cosmetology exam, it’s important to stay focused. Listen carefully to all instructions and questions. Misunderstanding a question or instruction can set you up for failure. It can also be embarrassing if you are asked to perform a procedure and you’re not sure what to do. Make sure that you follow all instructions exactly, and keep track of the time that is allotted for each task.

The state board cosmetology exams are typically made up of both a written and practical application section. The written exam is usually multiple-choice, and the practical application portion of the exam requires that you perform a series of tasks on a mannequin or live model. The process for scheduling these exams varies by state, but typically involves submitting an application to your cosmetology school and paying a fee to the state licensing agency.

Using Learning Tools, students can easily identify which areas of the cosmetology exam they need to focus on. With Filmbook State Board, a complete cosmetology glossary and 1,200 flashcards are built right into the app!

Study Resources

The cosmetology state board exam is a two-part test, the theory or written portion and the practical application section. The written part is a multiple choice exam that requires you to answer questions about cosmetology topics like hair, nail and skin care. The practical exam requires you to perform timed tasks on a mannequin or live model. The length of the practical exam varies from state to state, but it is typically between 3 hours and 2 days.

Practice tests are a great way to measure your progress and ensure you are studying well enough. They also provide you with detailed answer explanations so that you can understand why you missed a question and avoid making the same mistake again when you take the real cosmetology state board exam.

Every state has different laws and rules that licensed cosmetologists have to follow. The Filmbook State Board app includes state-specific cosmetology laws and rules quiz questions when you subscribe (for $4.99/month). You can get 100 free State Board quizzes in the preview version, or unlock unlimited quizzes with a subscription.

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