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Cosmetology Test – A Diverse Field

Many states require cosmetologists to take a written multiple-choice exam before getting their license or certification. Studying for this exam can be stressful, but with the right tools it doesn’t have to be.

Online Licensing Preparation is the #1 test prep tool in the industry for preparing for your state board licensing exam. Start your study plan today with our chapter 1 cosmetology test!

Topics Covered

Cosmetology is a diverse field, and this collection of quizzes covers everything from hair care and cutting techniques to nail technology, skin care, salon management and more. Each question has been carefully crafted to mimic the format and difficulty level of state board exams.

The best way to prepare for the state board exam is to start studying and practicing when you first begin beauty school, and continue through your program so you don’t have to cram at the end. Then when you’re ready, you’ll walk into that exam confidently and crush it.

The best state board app features step-by-step how-to and theory films, UNLIMITED randomized practice tests (for one price), helpful feedback on your test answers, including right and wrong, a built-in cosmetology exam book packed with need-to-know cosmo info, state-specific laws and rules questions, a glossary of cosmetology terms and flashcards—all in a sleek, beautiful app that’s easy to use and fun to look at.

Topics Tested

Most states require cosmetologists to take a two-part state board exam to get their license. The first part is a written multiple-choice exam that covers topics like skin structure, nail structure and haircutting. The second part is a hands-on exam where a cosmetologist has to demonstrate knowledge and skill in things like a salon haircut, a color application or a manicure.

The state board of cosmetology or the responsible state agency will have specific information about where and when you can take your written state board exam. Your beauty school may also be a source of guidance.

The best state board prep app will have step-by-step how-to and theory films, UNLIMITED randomized practice tests (for one price), helpful feedback on your test answers (both right and wrong), a built-in cosmetology exam book full of need-to-know cosmo info, and a glossary of cosmetology terms. Plus, it will have a read-out-loud option for all of those tricky terminology questions and a sleek design.

Questions Tested

In most states, a written multiple-choice exam must be passed before one can become a licensed cosmetologist. Depending on the state, this exam can include up to 110 questions. A test-taker will have 90 minutes to complete these questions. The written exam covers topics like skin structure, nail structures and haircutting. Moreover, it also tests the applicant’s knowledge of sanitation levels in salons, which must be kept at different levels.

Practice tests are an excellent way to prepare for the national written cosmetology exam. Our practice tests contain sample questions that mirror those found on the actual national test. You can take our practice tests in training mode or testing mode, which simulates your test-day experience and provides incorrect and correct answers after every question.

Varsity Tutors’ cosmetology practice tests can be used alongside our comprehensive study guides. Our learning tools are designed to help you build a customized study plan, whether you want to learn new material through our expansive flashcards or receive a daily study session through our Question of the Day.


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